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Aggressive White Collar Crime Defense Counsel in L.A. County

Harv Anand is a highly experienced trial lawyer who passionately advocates for clients to achieve positive results. During his 19-year legal career, Mr. Anand has litigated complex cases in both government and private practice. While serving as a federal prosecutor in the Department of Justice, Mr. Anand prosecuted a variety of white collar matters. He has successfully defended white collar matters in private practice and also litigated a variety of civil cases.


In short, Mr. Anand knows both how to prove a case and how to defend one. With extensive experience as both a defense attorney and prosecutor, Mr. Anand knows the importance of paying attention to details, how the government conducts investigations, and how it proves cases beyond a reasonable doubt. This knowledge and experience is invaluable in analyzing, scrutinizing, and dissecting the prosecution’s case. In each matter, Mr. Anand strives to identify weaknesses or gaps in the government’s evidence and pursue the best defense possible under the circumstances.

Skills & Experience

Having extensive trial experience enables Mr. Anand to identify and anticipate legal issues. He knows how a case will be presented to a jury and begins building an effective counter-argument aimed at the prosecution’s weak points.


In addition to being a trial lawyer, Mr. Anand is a former Certified Public Accountant. He is particularly adept at handling cases involving tax, financial, and accounting issues, and has effectively utilized his specialized knowledge in both criminal and civil matters.

Mr. Anand’s Legal Strategy

Having provided legal services from numerous vantage points, Mr. Anand has learned that it is critical to first understand each client’s problem, goals, and any constraints for achieving objectives. He always strives to propose the most cost-effective solution to achieve each client’s goal. Our firm believes in taking a practical approach to helping clients resolve their legal problems.


Taking a practical approach means that, for some clients, Mr. Anand will recommend resolving a matter without trial. For other clients, it means aggressively litigating a case before a jury. Mr. Anand is equally comfortable doing both as the situation demands. He has extensive experience working on complex and hard-fought litigations, consistently achieving positive results for clients.


Clients come to lawyers to solve their legal problems. If you retain Anand Law Group, Mr. Anand will aggressively fight to protect your rights and work hard to achieve the best outcome.

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