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Embezzlement is one of the most prosecuted financial crimes in the United States. It’s defined as the act of withholding monetary assets in order to convert them for personal use. Embezzlement is a white collar crime, and penalties can vary depending on the severity of the crime and damages.


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Embezzlement Charges and Penalties

Embezzlement is a breach of responsibilities given to a person by converting monetary assets for personal use. Embezzlement can be committed in a wide variety of different ways.


One example of embezzlement is directly funneling company funds into a personal bank account. Covert methods of embezzlement include colluding with an outside contractor to invoice and receive money for work that is never performed. Typical embezzlement schemes involve deceit through fake bank accounts, false records, or disproportionate invoices, and these schemes can take place over a long period of time.


When you are accused of embezzling less than $950 in California, you can face misdemeanor embezzlement charges, which can result in a fine up to $1,000 and/or six months in county jail. For more than $950 embezzled, felony embezzlement charges can result in a lengthier sentence and/or higher fine.


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Learn How an Embezzlement Lawyer in Los Angeles Can Help

Embezzlement is a serious crime that can damage your reputation and ruin your future. If you have been charged with embezzlement and need professional counsel who will passionately advocate and fight on your behalf , contact us at Anand Law Group, P.C., to speak to a member of our team today!

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