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You see computer hackers all the time in movies and television shows. They seem to know everything there is about computers, software, and how to break into other people’s computers without being detected. The truth is, hacking into other people’s computers is a serious federal crime, and many kinds of activities that hackers and similar individuals engage in online can also be crimes.


Federal computer crimes are serious business, and they come with real penalties if you are convicted of a federal offense. If you are under investigation or have been arrested by federal authorities, you need the help of a sophisticated computer crimes lawyer in Los Angeles. Contact Anand Law Group, P.C., today.

Computer Crimes Cover a Broad Range of Activities

The federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act criminalizes many types of conduct that victimize computer systems, networks, or their owners. This cybersecurity law protects all computers that are connected to the internet or networked with the banks or the government. Some activities that are prohibited via such computers include:


     Trespassing into systems, accounts, or networks

     Making threats

     Causing damage to files or systems

     Engaging in espionage

     Using them as instruments of fraud


The penalties for federal computer crime convictions can include lengthy prison sentences and substantial fines. In any event, these are serious charges, and you should always have the right defense.

Speak with a Federal Computer Crimes Lawyer in Los Angeles Right Away

If you are facing computer crime charges, you need to act to protect your rights with a passionate advocate who will fight for yo. You should contact the Los Angeles computer crime attorneys of Anand Law Group, P.C. We can provide the kind of legal assistance you need and protect your rights through every step of the federal criminal process.


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