Ponzi Schemes

Los Angeles Ponzi Schemes Attorney

Ponzi schemes are typically elaborate financial crimes. Several people can be affected financially, which can result in these crimes being prosecuted vigorously. If you have been charged with a crime relating to a Ponzi scheme, contacting a highly experienced and skilled Ponzi scheme lawyer in Los Angeles is in your best interest.


Criminal charges regarding a Ponzi scheme can be devastating and overwhelming. You may not understand the full extent of this crime and need more insight into your legal defense options. Below, you can find information defining a Ponzi scheme, penalties, and more details of how we can help.

Ponzi Scheme Charges and Penalties

A Ponzi scheme is defined as a ploy in which the perpetrator tricks investors  by using payments from more recent investors to pay previous investors, making them believe that their investments are profitable.


Ponzi schemes are notorious for being intricate and can take years for investigators to uncover a scheme’s structure. A Ponzi scheme can constitute investment or securities fraud, and as such, penalties can vary tremendously.


Penalties for a Ponzi scheme may involve a lengthy prison sentence, costly fines, and/or restitution. Charges can add up, including securities fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, and even tax evasion.


Learn How a Ponzi Scheme Lawyer in Los Angeles Can Help

Being accused of participating in a Ponzi scheme should lead you to hire an experienced and skilled Los Angeles Ponzi scheme attorney to represent you properly in court. Do you want to learn more about how our legal team can help in your case? If so, contact us today to schedule a consultation with Anand Law Group, P.C. 

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