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In order for a criminal conspiracy to exist, there must ordinarily be an agreement between two or more individuals. If a person is found guilty or convicted of conspiracy, he or she could receive the penalties that are normally imposed for the underlying crime.


The potential penalties upon conviction for a conspiracy charge depend upon the nature of the subject crime. However, in many cases, these penalties include jail time, monetary fines, and other serious consequences. If you are currently facing criminal conspiracy charges, an experienced Los Angeles criminal conspiracy lawyer at Anand Law Group, P.C., may be able to assist you with your defense.

Elements and Defenses to Conspiracy

In order for a conspiracy to exist, there must ordinarily be an agreement between two or more individuals. In addition, there must normally be an overt act, or a material step, that is made by one or more conspirators in furtherance of the conspiracy. In some instances, mere planning is not sufficient to constitute an overt act that furthers the conspiracy.


When it comes to defending against a criminal conspiracy charge, you may be able to allege that there was no agreement or overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy. You may also be able to raise other defenses, such as mistaken identity, alibi, and/or police entrapment.

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