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In the State of California, individuals and businesses are prohibited from accessing a computer network, computer system, or individual computer to disrupt, alter, destroy, or delete any part of the network, system, or computer. Computer crimes also sometimes involve accessing a computer network or system for purposes of implanting a virus to carry out some harmful or unlawful purpose. Finally, in California, individuals are prohibited from copying or taking information or data from an individual computer, computer system, or computer network without permission.


If you have been charged with committing a computer crime, you may be facing serious consequences. A skilled Los Angeles computer crimes attorney at Anand Law Group, P.C., can help you fight your criminal charge and assist you with formulating a defense to advance in court. In the alternative, we could help you work out a favorable plea deal with the prosecuting attorney assigned to your criminal case.

Knowledge as a Legal Element

In order for a prosecutor to establish your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, he or she must satisfy the knowledge element of a computer crimes charge. Specifically, the prosecutor must demonstrate that you willfully, knowingly, and intentionally took part in the illegal act that involved a computer or computer system. If you lacked this knowledge, your criminal charge could wind up getting dismissed.

Defenses to Computer Crime Charges

In addition to a lack of knowledge or intent, when it comes to a computer crime charge, you may be able to defend that your activity was necessary to complete a specific work task or that you accessed the computer network or system within the scope of your employment or with authority.

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