Wire Fraud

Wire Fraud Attorney Serving Los Angeles

Wire fraud  is a cryptic and often catch-all legal term referring to a federal criminal offense. Unlike mail fraud, wire fraud entails the criminal attempt or act of defrauding another individual using telecommunications (email, internet, phone, etc).


Wire fraud is a federal crime that can carry a potentially severe punishment. If a wire fraud scheme crosses interstate borders, the federal government can claim jurisdiction over the case. If you have been recently indicted for wire fraud, hiring a knowledgeable and skilled wire fraud lawyer in Los Angeles should be your top priority. Consult with Anand Law Group, P.C., right away.

Wire Fraud Charges and Penalties

Wire fraud is distinguishable from mail fraud. Under federal law, wire fraud requires proof of the following elements:


     A scheme to cheat or deprive another person out of their money or property (both physical and intangible).

     An intentional act to defraud. The prosecution must prove that the defendant knowingly engaged in a wire fraud scheme.

     Telecommunications were used to commit the wire fraud scheme.


Wire fraud carries potentially significant prison time, penalties, and/or restitution. The prosecution generally has up to five years to file a charge unless the crime was committed against a financial institution.


If you’ve been charged, you should seek professional help immediately from a knowledgeable and skilled Los Angeles wire fraud attorney.

Learn About How a Wire Fraud Lawyer in Los Angeles Can Help

Wire fraud is a serious criminal charge that can escalate quickly if you don’t have the right defense. Contact us at Anand Law Group, P.C. to learn more about how we can improve the chances of your case through passionate advocacy. 

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