Healthcare Fraud

Los Angeles Healthcare Fraud Attorney

Healthcare fraud happens when a dishonest consumer or provider purposely causes someone to submit or personally submits misleading or false information that is used to collect health care benefits. It also includes inaccurate marketing, drug fraud, medical fraud, and health insurance fraud.


When a person or company defrauds a government healthcare program (such as Medicare and state government programs) or an insurance company, serious criminal penalties can result. Both state and federal laws take all types of healthcare fraud very seriously, and if you are facing possible fraud charges, you need an experienced and skilled healthcare fraud lawyer in Los Angeles on your side. If you need help with your case, look no further than the Anand Law Group, P.C.

Healthcare Fraud Causes and Penalties

The healthcare industry is massive. As such, criminal activity can often go unnoticed even in the midst of strict governmental oversight. Healthcare fraud often encompasses attempts to dishonestly profit from another individual or company in the healthcare industry.


Here are common examples of healthcare fraud that take place in the United States:


     Billing for healthcare services that were never provided

     Billing for more healthcare services than were actually performed

     False issuance of prescription drugs


A person convicted of making false Medicare claims can face the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence, fines, and/or restitution. The penalties for healthcare fraud vary tremendously, and they get harsher the more costly the alleged fraud becomes.

Learn How a Los Angeles Healthcare Fraud Attorney Can Help

Have you recently been charged with healthcare fraud? This is a damaging crime that can ruin your reputation and put you at risk of facing severe criminal consequence. Contact us at Anand Law Group, P.C., to  learn more about how we can help you through passionate advocacy to defend your rights. 

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