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Accounting fraud is a white collar crime that takes place when an organization “cooks the books” in an attempt to complete some type of illegal financial activities. Accounting fraud is a very broad legal term, and it can also be associated with other crimes, which include tax evasion and investment fraud. If you have been charged with accounting fraud, it’s imperative to seek legal counsel immediately.


Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. Anand Law Group, P.C., has experience handling the criminal defense for accounting fraud cases. Below, you will find more information that defines accounting fraud, lays out the penalties, and states how an accounting fraud lawyer in Los Angeles can help.

Accounting Fraud Charges and Penalties

Accounting fraud involves business scandals in which financial documents are falsified for the purpose of criminal misdeeds. There are various ways accounting fraud can be committed.


One way is by altering and destroying financial documents to hide a company’s true profits and losses. Another way is by overstating the amount of revenue obtained by the company. Failing to record expenses and misstating liabilities are all methods of committing accounting fraud. Accounting fraud is also usually accompanied by other financial crimes.


As such, typical penalties can include a lengthy prison sentence, costly fines, and/or restitution. The prosecution must prove that you either knowingly committed the crime, participating in the crime, or knew of the criminal acts taking place.


If you need help fighting these charges, look no further than the Anand Law Group, P.C. We have an attorney who is also a former CPA.

Learn How an Accounting Fraud Lawyer in Los Angeles Can Help

Charges of accounting fraud can be devastating for everyone involved. Do not be dismayed if you have been wrongfully accused or are under investigation. Instead, contact us to learn more about how a passionate Los Angeles accounting fraud attorney can help you. 

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