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Counterfeiting is a very serious criminal offense in the State of California, and a conviction can lead to jail time and other serious penalties and consequences. Counterfeiting involves illegally forging or replicating software, documents, electronics, money, or other types of goods. In counterfeiting cases where money is involved, a federal prosecutor could also bring charges against you. If you are facing a criminal charge for counterfeiting, you should consider retaining the services of an experienced Los Angeles counterfeiting lawyer at Anand Law Group, P.C. Our legal team will assist you with defending against your criminal charge and work to obtain the best result possible in your case.

Potential Penalties for a Los Angeles Counterfeiting Conviction

A conviction for counterfeiting can have serious consequences. First of all, in order for a prosecutor to obtain a criminal conviction against you, he or she must demonstrate your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. It would then be up to a judge to decide the sentence in your case.  Possible consequence for a counterfeiting conviction include prison time or a monetary fine.


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If you are facing criminal counterfeiting charges in Los Angeles, Anand Law Group, P.C., is here to help. We will work hard to protect your freedom. We can also represent you at all stages of a criminal proceeding, including during a pre-filing investigation.


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