Destroying / Concealing Evidence

Los Angeles Destroying/Concealing Evidence Attorney

Defending against Destroying or Concealing Evidence Charges in Los Angeles

In the State of California, an individual who knows that a certain piece of evidence, such as a record, paper, or book, is going to be introduced into evidence at trial (or during the course of some other investigation or inquiry), must not intentionally conceal or destroy this evidence. Doing so can lead to serious criminal charges, and a conviction can lead to jail time, possible fines, and a black mark on a person’s record.


If you are currently facing criminal charges for destroying or concealing evidence, a skilled Los Angeles destroying/concealing evidence lawyer at Anand Law Group, P.C., can help you. We can undertake a thorough investigation into your charge, determine the strongest available defenses, and advocate zealously on your behalf.

Proving Your Charges

As with all criminal charges in California, the burden of proving guilt rests with the prosecution. In order for you to be found guilty of destroying or concealing evidence, the prosecution must prove both of the following – beyond a reasonable doubt:


      That you had knowledge that a specific written instrument, record, paper, book, or other tangible thing was supposed to be produced into evidence at an investigation, inquiry, or criminal court trial

      You intentionally concealed or destroyed the evidence with the specific intention of preventing its production as part of the investigation, inquiry, or criminal court trial

Potential Defenses to the Charge

In some instances, your lawyer may be able to raise one or more legal defenses on your behalf. When it comes to destroying or concealing evidence, you could allege that no active prosecution or criminal investigation is pending, that you did not know that the subject item was a potential piece of evidence, and/or that you did not intentionally and willfully destroy the evidence in question.

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