Los Angeles Fraud Attorney

There are many crimes considered to be “white collar” under California and federal law, and many of these offenses involve an element of deception to commit theft from other individuals or companies. These crimes are categorized as “fraud” crimes, and both state and federal authorities pursue fraud charges and convictions aggressively.


If you are charged with a fraud crime, you face possible prison time and costly fines if you are convicted. It is critical to defend against your charges with the help of an experienced and skilled fraud lawyer in Los Angeles. Contact Anand Law Group, P.C., to discuss your situation today.

Fraud Crimes

Both federal and state statutes set out numerous fraud offenses, and each one has its own elements the prosecutor must prove to obtain a conviction. Some common fraud cases we handle include:


     Mail Fraud

     Wire Fraud


     Healthcare Fraud

     Medicare Fraud

     Tax Evasion

     Bank Fraud

     Mortgage Fraud

     Investment Fraud

     Securities Fraud

     Ponzi Schemes

     Accounting Fraud


Some of these cases are usually brought in federal court, while others can be filed in state criminal court.

Defending against Fraud Offenses

Each of these fraud crimes involves an element of using false information or deception as part of the offense. One common way your attorney can defend against your charges is to challenge that you had the intent to defraud someone else. Your attorney can also help negotiate a plea bargain for lesser charges or penalties, or represent you at a jury trial when necessary. It is imperative to discuss your options with your defense lawyer every step of the way.

Seek the Help You Need from a Fraud Lawyer in Los Angeles

At Anand Law Group, P.C., we handle a wide range of fraud cases for clients, and we can protect your rights in both federal and state court. Contact us to learn how a Los Angeles fraud attorney who will passionately advocate on your behalf can help.

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