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Did you know that it can be a federal crime to agree to commit a crime? Prosecutors can potentially cast a wide net over alleged criminal networks by accusing individuals associated with an identified defendant of criminal conspiracy under federal law. Moreover, law enforcement officials may use conspiracy charges and related threats to strong-arm friends, colleagues, and family members into providing evidence against an alleged offender.

Overview of Federal Conspiracy Charges and Penalties

Conspiracy is a crime under both California and federal law, and this is a fairly common charge brought in federal criminal court. Conspiracy charges can stem from many types of alleged criminal schemes, including fraud cases and other white collar cases.


Under the United States Code, an unlawful conspiracy occurs when two or more people plot, plan, or work together to either:


     Commit any federal offense

     Defraud the United States


Discussion of committing a possible crime is not enough, as federal law also requires that you engage in an overt act toward committing the crime. This does not have to be actually committing the offense, but only an act in preparation for the offense. For example, if two people agree to create counterfeit currency, and they conduct research online and purchase the proper ink, that can be enough for a federal conspiracy charge.


Conspiring to commit a felony offense can result in fines and up to five years in federal prison. Conspiracy charges are a serious matter, and you should seek defense assistance immediately.

Defend Against Conspiracy Allegations with the Help of a Los Angeles Conspiracy Lawyer

If you’ve been charged with conspiracy in Los Angeles, we will passionately advocate to protect your rights. Schedule a free conspiracy defense consultation with Harv Anand at Anand Law Group, P.C. today. 

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