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White collar crimes are called such because they are traditionally committed by business professionals in a business setting. Moreover, some individuals think that because criminal white collar charges do not usually involve violence, like assault, robbery, or homicide charges, they are not serious. In fact, white collar criminal charges should never be taken lightly, and a conviction can result in lengthy prison terms, high monetary fines, or years of probation, depending upon the specific offense or offenses with which you have been charged.


If you have been charged with a white collar crime at the state level, time may be of the essence in your case. The knowledgeable and experienced Los Angeles state white collar crimes lawyers at Anand Law Group, P.C., can assist you throughout your criminal case from beginning to end. Our attorneys can represent you at all criminal court hearings and other legal proceedings in your case, advocate for your legal interests, and ensure that your rights are protected while your criminal case is pending.

Types of State White Collar Crimes

State white collar crimes include many different types of offenses. In order to be charged and convicted of a white collar crime in California, the state prosecutor must typically prove that the accused committed the offense knowingly and intentionally. White collar crimes in California include:


      Grand theft




      Destroying or concealing evidence

      Computer and cyber crimes

      Crimes committed against dependent adults and elderly persons

      Obtaining labor, property, or money through false pretenses

      Criminal conspiracy

      Making false entries in returns or records

      Mortgage fraud

      Money laundering

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