Obstruction of Justice

Los Angeles Obstruction of Justice Attorney

The criminal justice process takes a toll on both the accused and their loved ones. However, someone ardently trying to protect or help, an alleged offender in Los Angeles could inadvertently violate federal law, which prohibits unlawfully interfering with the criminal justice process.

Overview of Federal Obstruction of Justice Charges

Some crimes are considered to be offenses against people or property, but this particular charge is considered to be a crime against justice. Federal law identifies several different ways that interference with the “law and justice” can result in criminal obstruction charges, including:


      Interfering with criminal investigations, including falsifying records

      Tampering with evidence or witnesses

      Threatening or retaliating against a witness, informant, or victim

      Destroying corporate audit records

      Injuring or otherwise attempting to influence a juror or law enforcement officer


Whether you are accused of destroying evidence, bribing federal officers or informants, abusing your authority to influence witnesses, or simply lying to investigators, you can face serious charges of obstruction of justice in federal court.


This is true even if you were not successful in your obstruction attempts. Prosecutors must prove that:


      There was a pending judicial proceeding in the federal system

      You knew about the proceeding

      You had the intent to interfere with the proceeding


The penalties can vary depending on the type of obstruction charged, but a conviction comes with a possible five years or longer in federal prison. It is critical that you have the right defense from an attorney who handles this type of charge in federal court.

Speak with a Dedicated Obstruction of Justice Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles

If you’ve been charged or threatened with an obstruction of justice charge by federal authorities, don’t delay. We passionately advocate on behalf of clients to protect their rights. Protect yourself and your family by scheduling a free case analysis with criminal defense attorney Harv Anand at Anand Law Group, P.C. today.  

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